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The search for competent staff with appropriate skills to match company values and meet up with strategic goals is often a strenuous task, so is the search for a job that fits one's skill set, experience and leads towards the achievement of personal career goals. At Fosad Consulting we make is easy while bridging the gap between employers and suitable potential employees. Every candidate regardless of discipline, experience, skillset and career goals are catered to.

We believe every employer has a different need and every candidate, though different, is a potential employee and has the capacity to offer satisfaction to these needs. A lot of employees are either bored or on the wrong career path, at Fosad Consulting, we make many options available to suit candidate interests, personality and skillset. No vacant job role is left unfilled and no candidate is left out, landing your dream job just became a lot easier, we'll help you find your career calling so you can finally live it out.

The business people & culture

I was on a random search for job opportunities within my field as a Human Resources Partner and stumbled on a particular opening posted online via FOSAD Consulting. I applied and never gave much thought to the possible outcome – basically because I had submitted my resume for several HR roles via other recruitment organizations online but never got any response. So this for me at that time in 2016 was more like a formality – just submit and if you’re shortlisted…fine and if not, keep searching. However within a week plus after I submitted my resume, I was called and also got an email invite as I was shortlisted for further interview assessment. This process was smooth and transparent and the rest is history as I got the JOB…Thanks to FOSAD
Head of HR at a Leading Indigenous Exploration Company
Find a job like Priscilla

Fosad Consulting, the HR recruitment One Stop Shop for prestigious candidates, without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Am on top of my game…

Executive Assistant at a Global Insurance Company
Find a job like Leye
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